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Demak S.r.l.
Strada del Cascinotto, 163
10156 Torino - Italy
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Demak, world leader in the production of resin mixing and dispensing machines, has successfully introduced its cutting-edge technology and knowhow in the world of gasketing with its own brand FomexOne: complete technical solutions including both equipment and chemical products.

Demak’s FomexOne technology is targeted to all those who need to seal their own components in a new, innovative way by foaming directly onto the surfaces to be sealed.
FomexOne is the right answer to a demanding market asking for more quality, accuracy and lasting tightness.

Demak, your reliable partner, thrive to make you more competitive and winner in the market thanks to its standard as well as customized solutions.
From now onwards your gasketing production is

  • In house,
  • longlasting and environmentally friendly,
  • with no points of junctions and incredible adhesion to all surfaces,
  • with high resistance to dust, water and all chemical agents with lower breaking risks,
  • at a low final cost (as polyurethane foams five times its starting volume),
  • with reduced labour cost thanks to Demak’s automatic equipment and first quality consumables, from Fluid to Thixo PU systems,
  • with no need for stocking room

FomexOne is the most advantageous technique to manufacture gaskets.