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Demak S.r.l.
Strada del Cascinotto, 163
10156 Torino - Italy
Phone no. ++39.0112239876
Fax no. ++39.0112239896

FomexOne machines achieve really high quality and perfect results thanks to the precise operations carried out by every component of FomexOne equipment during each single working phase in the FIPFG process.

From the pretreatment of the compounds to their final dispensing on the part to be sealed, nothing is “understimated”.

  • The perfect pretreament of the components through a nucleation system
    for the good preparation and nucleation of the polyol and isocyanate to be mixed and dispensed. The nucleation system guarantees the correct foaming ratio of the product.

  • The Dispensing reapeatibility and flow control
    The dispensing flow is always controlled thanks to the closed loop between the electronic flow-meter and the gear pumps so as to get always an equal, perfectly leveled gasket even in case of decelerations during dispensing curvilinear, difficult patterns.

  • The Dynamic mixing with anti-drip valve
    The new dynamic mixer, the flow control and the anti-drip valve allow dispensing always the same quantity of fresh product from the beginning to the end without any PU dripping.

  • The Fomexgraph software
    The graphic software that sets up easily FomexOne equipment and runs with accuracy the Cartesian robot with versatile functions of files importing.

  • The XYZ Cartesian Robot
    Moving with precision in all directions, horizontally, vertically, up-down, it can also dispense product on very complex geometrical shapes.

FomexOne is the revolutionary, advanced technology that will help you be innovative, modern and fast in meeting your customers' demands.